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A platform for colleagues, parents and pupils to send a free personalised thank you e-card to all teaching and support staff working in UK early years, schools and colleges.

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It is free to send a personalised thank you card to anyone working in a UK early years, school or college setting. The Thank a Teacher campaign is run by the Teaching Awards Trust, and our mission is to celebrate the impact of educators across the UK. It is open all year round, culminating in the annual National Thank a Teacher Day.

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Schools & MATs Dashboard

Schools & MATs can see all their ‘Thank You’ messages in their dedicated Dashboard. Do you represent a school? Get in touch to get your login.

Thank a Teacher Heat Map

Find out what areas of the UK are the most thanked. See the top 5 schools and the top 5 locations per region and explore how the whole country has collaborated in this great effort to thank our teaching staff.

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Your thank you message could be a springboard to a Pearson National Teaching Awards nomination?

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