Hotspots of gratitude emerge 20 Apr 2021

Have you ever wanted to know where in the UK schools and teachers are thanked the most? Have you ever been curious as to whether your school is among the most thanked schools in the UK? If the answer to either of these is yes, or if your curiosity has been at least a little bit piqued, then look no further….

The Thank a Teacher Campaign has launched our virtual heatmap, which you can use to find out which areas and schools across the UK are the most thanked, and just where those hotspots of gratitude are. This is calculated based on the number of thank you cards that have been sent through the Thank a Teacher campaign website.

The heatmap is colour-coded to show the areas where the highest concentration of thank you cards have been sent, and by clicking on individual regions, you can also see the top 5 most-thanked schools and locations within each region.

This fantastic new resource will highlight those regions and schools receiving the most thank you messages, and inspire students, staff, and parents across the UK to send even more thank yous and put their school on the map!

Help put your school on the map today. Send a thank you to a school or school staff member who makes every day special through the Thank a Teacher Campaign’s online form.