Thank You for Keeping Me Going 20 May 2021

Up and down the UK, students, parents, and colleagues have sent hundreds of thank you cards to teachers and school staff members in the month since schools reopened to all pupils on March 15th. The cards, sent through the National Thank a Teacher Campaign, all shared one common theme: they thanked members of their school community for keeping them going through lockdown.

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed to us just how valuable teachers are, and this is evident in the role they have played delivering food, clothes, and keeping spirits high during a challenging period of isolation. As restrictions continue to lift, it seems that gratitude for their heroic actions is not dissipating at all.

A number of messages came flooding through the Thank a Teacher Campaign over the last month heralding teachers’ heroism and thanking them for their steadfast support. Here are some examples of messages that have been sent, which have been approved to be shared by the nominators:

“in the first lockdown my teacher really helped through those tough times and I think we got to know each other a lot more than we would have if it had been a normal school day. I feel Mrs Khan went above and beyond her role in the first lockdown and I want her to know that she is an amazing person and fantastic teacher. I hope she knows how appreciated she is and I really miss our weekly phone calls!” – Student

“Thank you so much for your support and guidance through the lockdown period.” – Student

“The support, advice and help you have given and continue to give to my daughter and myself through what has been such a difficult time for her has been invaluable. Thank you doesn’t seem enough but thought this was a great way to show our appreciation.” – Parent

“Just to say thank you to each and everyone of you for the support,guidance and learning provided during remote learning during the recent lockdown. Also for continuing to create a happy caring school environment now the children have returned to school.” – Parent

“Thank you for your hard work and support to all families throughout the pandemic. You have continued to drive improvements and support children, staff and parents during difficult times.” – Headteacher

Here at the Thank a Teacher Campaign we sincerely hope that the atmosphere of gratitude towards our fantastic teachers is here to stay, and we can’t wait to have a whole day dedicated to them on Thank a Teacher day on June 23!