Teachers spreading the love on World Book Day 3 Mar 2022

It’s World Book Day! What a great day to thank teachers up and down the country for encouraging our love of books.

Here at Thank A Teacher, we receive so many messages showing gratitude to school staff for helping kids with their reading and love of stories.


“You make me smile and shine! Reading becomes so much more exciting when you spend time with me… I can explore magical worlds and go on daring adventures!! Thank you for everything you do for me.”


And what do books give us? They help us learn about experiences and cultures different from our own. Reading stories from a different point of view helps us develop empathy.

Reading is a great stress reliever too. Whatever the pressures of everyday life, we can escape them through reading. Stories can take us anywhere – sailing across seas to magical lands, finding other worlds at the back of our wardrobes, or climbing inside giant fruit and making friends with insects the size of giraffes.

Studies have shown that reading for even a short amount of time each day can significantly reduce stress levels. And reading enjoyment has been shown to be a better indicator for a child’s academic success than the socio-economic status of their family.

Reading for pleasure has so many benefits, not only for education success, but also in terms of positive emotional and social effects. This is why our teachers put so much focus on encouraging a love of reading.


“This teacher has helped my twins massively with their confidence. They have improved so much with their phonics and reading in their first 4 months of attending school and they have completely come out of their shells.”

“I am thanking this teaching assistant as she has been with my daughter from the very start and really increased her confidence with reading. We think she’s so lovely and I’m so happy she still gets to be with her sometimes.”


Teachers have a vital role to play in fostering a love of books and reading among the children they teach. And they’re doing it really well! They even manage to convert children who previously disliked English, to rediscover a love of the subject. And reading is a huge part of that.


“Thank you for helping me with my studies throughout the last two years. It has been an absolute joy to be a part of your class. English was never a subject that I actually enjoyed, but with you as my teacher I very much look forward to every lesson I have with you.”

“Thank you so much for the work you do in school.  I know working in a school throughout the pandemic has its challenges.  I think it is great to see the progress my child is making in your class.  I don’t know what you have said to him, but he is reading to me every day at the moment! Long may it continue! Thank you.”


World Book Day is a great time to reflect on teachers who might have inspired you to love stories. Have you got a teacher who brings stories alive when they read to you? Do they do all the voices? Do they take the time to choose books that you like? Or perhaps they’ve helped you fall in love with stories you never thought you’d enjoy.

If you’re a parent, has your child come home bursting with excitement about a book they’re reading in class? Has their reading improved? Maybe they get excited about going to the library.

If you can think of a teacher who has helped you, or your child, develop a love for reading, why not send them a Thank A Teacher message? They might even get nominated for an award.