We celebrate teachers across the country every year on National Thank A Teacher Day. We also use this day to announce and celebrate the Silver Winners of the Pearson National Teaching Awards. This year we are waiting for schools to reopen to all children before we officially announce the winners.

In the meantime, we are asking everyone across the country to join together to say a HUGE thank you to their teachers for their amazing work not only in these challenging times but all year round.

How are you going to thank YOUR teacher?

Do you have a STAR teacher?
Do you miss seeing them every day?

This Thank A Teacher Day let’s take the opportunity to say thank you to all our amazing teachers and support staff, who are doing a star job each and every day.

Share your message of thanks with us before the 20th May, ideally in a video clip, or in an expression of your choosing. Our theme this year is a star. How creative can you be?

Maybe you and your school will feature as our #StarOfTheDay on social media?

The aim is to get as many messages of thanks and some great stories about the teachers who are being thanked so we can share them with the whole country on National Thank a Teacher Day on May 20th.

Here are some examples

We can’t wait to receive yours.

  • Record a music video! If you love singing then please share your version of a special thank you song, or if you’re feeling shy you can just mime! You could do a ‘star-themed’ song – or just choose one that suits your teacher best!
  • Are you a budding Tik Tok Star? We would LOVE to see your Tik Tok videos dedicated to a special teacher. Can you make everyone laugh or impress with your moves?
  • Feeling creative? How about a drawing of your teacher?
  • Are you missing your drama classes? Are you a budding actor? How about a short clip of you doing an impression of your teacher?
  • Been practising your footy skills? How about impressing your teachers? Record a clip of your mad sports skills.

These are just ideas. If you have your own creative way of thanking your teacher we would love to receive that too.

Thank You
Miss Brennan :-)

Thank You
Mrs Rimmer :-)

Thank You
Mr Horne :-)

Celebrating life-changing teaching

This Thank A Teacher Day let’s take the opportunity to say thank you to all teachers and support staff, who do an amazing job every day. Why not say ‘Thank You’ to a teacher that’s made a difference to you? It takes two minutes to do but has a lasting impact on those exceptional teachers who receive them.

Michael Morpurgo, celebrated author and former Children’s Laureate, and President of the Teaching Awards Trust, said: “So often and for so many of us, it is a teacher who changed our lives, was at our side through hard and difficult times, who lifted us up when we were down, helped us find our voice, gave us confidence when we needed it most, set us on a path that we have followed ever since. At my school I had a French teacher, who might not have made a linguist of me, but was always kind to me. He loved his subject and passed that on. I still love French, the language, the people, the literature, but even he could not persuade me to learn my French grammar.”