The Impact of a Great Teacher

Pixie Lott

“My teachers helped make my dreams come true. I can’t thank them enough. My outstanding teachers gave me an excellent foundation and start to my career.”

Alison Steadman OBE

“A really good teacher can open up the world for you. Aged 15 I had two teachers, one was called Mildred Spencer, who was areal character, and a wonderful guy called Jim Wiggins. I would love to be able to go back and them.”

Sarah Hadland

“At theatre school, my Head teacher Miss Betty Laine singled out that comedy was probably my thing. I have her to thank for helping develop that talent.”

Alex Jones

We were so thrilled to feature incredible teachers and school staff on our show. We all know the value of a great teacher, and every one (of these award winners) has proven themselves to be both outstanding and inspirational.

Nadiya Hussain MBE

“We didn’t bake at home but my Home Economics teacher Mrs Marshall planted that seed in my head – I remember watching her at lunchtimes and being inspired to bake. Thank you Mrs Marshall! “

Dame Arlene Phillips

‘I’d like to thank my amazing teacher, Molly Malloy. She taught me American Jazz when I first came to London. Quite simply she changed my life and we became great friends and I followed her every move. I can’t thank her enough for what she did for me.’

Stephen Fry

‘All teachers everywhere I send you my love, because I know the marking, the deadlines, the backlogs, all these things you’ve been engaged with…it’s just people getting on with it and getting their heads down, believing in what they do, encouraging others, inspiring all the things you do… I just want you to know it is appreciated.’

Giovanna Fletcher

‘My experience of home-schooling would not have been as smooth as it was had it not been for the teachers and staff at my children’s school. I can’t thank them enough, my respect (and I already respected them a lot!) and love for them has skyrocketed!’

Boris Johnson

‘I want to thank Mr Hammond a wonderful teacher who revealed Homer to me many years ago and a fantastic guy called Mr Fox who -I don’t know if he thought I was in need of remedial help or he thought I had potential- but he took me into the library and gave me some books and it made such a big difference.’

Mehreen Baig

‘Teaching is not easy as many people are realising, that one title encompasses so many different roles.’

Bobby Seagull

‘As well as being a part-time Maths teacher and a great advocate for all aspects of education, I’m really keen for my fellow teachers across the UK to get the recognition they deserve. Teachers are unsung heroes who do far more than stand up in front of a class. They are mentors who change lives through inspiring the next generation.’