“I want to thank you for getting me into reading. I still love reading to this day and my favourite book is still that one about the crayons you read to us!  Also, I still remember the word of the day every morning. I still say “comma” every time I’m writing a complex sentence or subordinate clause.  Thanks for everything, Miss.”

“We just want to say that you are the most amazing teacher and we value every single day! You are our rock, you teach us everything and make the boring stuff fun and the fun stuff amazing and we all love coming to school. We love all the cool stuff you organise, all the visiting specialists also all the brilliant places you take us as well as on our door step we live in such a beautiful place.”

“This is a thank you for all the support you’ve given me over the last few years, things have changed for the better here at school and I’m not only one who is benefiting from the changes.  I have typed this message since you know how fantastic my handwriting is.”

“Thank you for being an amazing teacher and helping me and my form. Somehow you find a way to make every single lesson fun, even tests you even find a way to make tests fun.”

“Thank you for your passion, commitment and making learning fun. Your hard work makes your students motivated, communicative and you have a strong talent for empowering your pupils. Thank You.”

“Thank you Miss, I was in a slump in my life at the start of year 7 but you helped me gain my confidence as a student but also as a human, before I came to this school, I was struggling with anxiety but you helped me become me today.

“Thank you for all that you do, all those things that you think go unnoticed and all those things you do without a second thought. Mostly thank you from every child who has belief in themselves because you have given them the time and care they crave and need. You are one of life’s gems and we are lucky to have you.”

“Thank you for helping me in my English and for being the best teacher ever!  I hope I have you again next year and I enjoy all the classes that you teach. You have inspired me in my English and I will never forget what you have taught me. Thank you for everything you have done for me and for always believing in me.”

“Literacy was the one of the subjects I used to find boring, but thanks to your enthusiastic approach to teaching it is something I enjoy a lot and now enjoy reading many books of different genres.”

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