Claire Fish – Cadland Primary School 11 Feb 2020

Why did you decide to get into teaching?

I wanted to work with children from a young age and used to help my dance teacher with the children in their classes. Children are joyful to be around. Although, can sometimes be challenging. I started helping out in my son’s school and enrolled on a Teaching Assistants course at the local college. Loving every minute I was taken on one-to-one then moved into the Nurture group and now work as the school’s ELSA.

What for you is most rewarding about being a teacher?
Making a difference, and being there for the children when they need someone to talk to. In my work I usually encounter children who have suffered bereavements, family break-ups, friendships issues and traumatic events. Being that trusted face for the children is a privilege and I am very grateful.

 What are the most challenging aspects?
Day to day behaviour issues can prove challenging as well as the demand on my time to be in many places at once. But, there’s never a dull moment.

 What do you think are the most important qualities a teacher should have?Patience, understanding, fairness and an open mind. 

 How does it feel when you receive thanks from your students?
Amazing! The feeling of having such an impact on that child for them to want to show their appreciation is phenomenal.

 What specifically does receiving this thank you card mean to you?
I feel overjoyed that I have had a positive impact on the individual and that they have shown their gratitude in such a kind, lovely way.

 What do you hope pupils will learn from this initiative?
That it feels good to show gratitude towards others and that they can pass on that fantastic feeling.

 Do you have any tips for a young person looking to get into teaching?
Be ready for the hard work because, it is hard work. Be organised, be prepared and most importantly enjoy it.