Enter your School Hero for a Pearson National Teaching Award through the Thank A Teacher Campaign

Entries now open

Entries are now open for the 2024 Pearson National Teaching Awards as featured on BBC’s The One Show.

The ‘Unsung Hero’ Award honours our everyday heroes and celebrates the amazing staff working in schools and colleges across the UK. This award is open to anyone working in a school – from stand-out teachers, friendly caretakers, playground helpers to brilliant office receptionists, this is the only award open to nominations from parents/carers and pupils.

If you know an amazing team or individual member of staff send them a free thank you e-card using the button below and tick the box saying you would like the thank you card to turn into a nomination. We’ll then follow up with the recipient’s school to progress the thank you into a fully-fledged Pearson National Teaching Awards entry!

To give your unsung hero the best chance of success here are a few tips

Making a difference

How has your nominee made a difference to children and their families?

Supporting others

How has your hero shown examples of helping other people apart from you – particularly those more in need than themselves?